Siebenhaar integrated winch gears are characterised by their high performance and compact design. Their design is based on more than 50 years of experience.


  • high power at a small size
  • highly economic modular system
  • high gear ratio with a small external diameter
  • excellent efficiency
  • long lifetime with easy maintenance
  • silent operation
  • modular installation of safety brakes as an option
  • modular attachment of spur bevel gear or precursors as an option
  • quick and easy installation in the unit

Description of design

The Siebenhaar winch gears are made up of modules from a proven modular system. Thanks to their small installation space and easy maintenance the Siebenhaar planetary gears are ideally integrated in a cable drum. This principle allows producing compact, powerful and user-friendly winch solutions.

Depending on their application, our winch gears can additionally be fitted with safety brakes and holding brake, torque measuring arms, precursors or bevel-helical precursors.

Technical specifications

  • Maximum dynamic drive torque: TII = 5,000 Nm - 5,000,000 Nm
  • Maximum static drive torque: TIII = 7,000 Nm - 7,500,000 Nm
  • Transmission ratios from i = 18 up to i = 6,800

Output torques, transmissions and dimensions available in a variety of stages. Higher torque and sizes available on request.