The cornerstone for the high quality of our products lies in the ultra modern machinery. All torque-transmitting parts are manufactured by means of our own state of the art computer-controlled lathes, milling machines and machining centres. The highest quality level of our gearing systems is guaranteed by our toothed wheel manufacturing supported by the latest gear shaping, milling and grinding machines.

A number of the most modern measuring machines, partly featuring a 3D scan function, enable an effective process control and, supported by well-trained and motivated employees, ensure a high and stable quality.

Our high delivering capacity and optimised inventories are the result of optimised, control desk-based logistics including receiving goods, internal material delivery and shipping. The key element to minimize delivery times is our computerized paternoster system.

There is an experienced, well-trained and flexible team of people working in the assembly to provide quick, customised installation. Depending on the customer’s requirements, individually agreed test runs or winding cable drums can be performed in addition to our standard testing procedures.

A modern and well-equipped paint shop enables the fabrication of various paint finishes following individual customer requirements or according to standard norms such as NORSOK.