Commissioned by Van Haagen Kraanbouw  Siebenhaar Antriebstechnik has developed and build the winch system for a very large gantry crane in Szczecin (Poland) with a lifting height of more than 100m, a span of 50m and a total lifting capacity of 1,400 tons. This makes it Europe's largest crane of its kind. The crane is used for building, loading and unloading windmill foundation inserts. The main specifications of this gantry crane are: Altitude 120m, lifting height more than 100m, 50m span, total lifting capacity of 1,400 tons (4 × 350 tonnes). The winches are placed at the bottom of the undercarriage. The winches are capable to work with very high speeds to be able to spool on / off a large amount of steel wire rope. The winches are driven by electric motors with a speed of 4500 / 5000 rpm, 200kW. The winches  have a line pull of 42T with a rope storage capacity of 1050 m which is spooled on a special parallel grooved pattern in multiple layers.