The use in construction, and in particular in the mining sector, places high demands on the quality and servicing life of gears and actuators. As the original equipment supplier of several of the world's largest construction equipment manufacturers, we have been assuring their fulfilment as successfully demonstrated for many years.

At Siebenhaar, we design, develop and manufacture a wide range of transmission designs and executions for all types of tracked vehicles and excavators as well as tunnel-boring and cold-milling machines, surface-mining excavators, mobile rigs and many other applications.

Our product range consists of 15 different drive-gear sizes and can be found in all kinds of machines from moderate hydraulic excavators to one of the largest mining excavators in the world.


  • Siebenhaar driving gear with 2,200,000Nm drive a tracked excavator with a bucket capacity of 53m3.

  • Siebenhaar supplies the main cutter-head drives for the tunnel boring machines milling soil and debris of up to 12m in diameter.

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