For decades the Siebenhaar driving gears have been used with success in construction machines made by worldwide renowned and leading manufacturers.

With their efficient and space-saving design they resist the toughest conditions and loads such as in the mining sector.


  • high power at a small size
  • excellent efficiency
  • high gear ratio with a relatively small external diameter
  • long lifetime with few maintenance intervals
  • quick and easy installation in the unit
  • integrated multi-disc brake available on request

Description of design

Siebenhaar traction drives have proven their high quality, robust construction and optimized sealing systems. Thanks to an axial slip ring seal located between the stationary and rotating gear members, no dirt or moisture can enter the transmission even under extreme conditions. At the same time, they are very easy to maintain. Oil change, for example, can easily be done from the outside.

One of the highlights of our range is the world-unique switchable hydrostatic wheel gearbox for independent suspensions. This compact and lightweight modular planetary gear sets technological standards.

Hydraulically ventilated spring-loaded multi-disc brakes can be directly integrated into the wheel carrier on most of our driving gears, which thus become a compact unit featuring transmission, bearing and brake. For larger traction drives, spur gear drives can be integrated as a precursor allowing for multiple drive motors.

Technical specifications

  • Maximum output torques reaching form 16 kNm to 2,200 kNm
  • Transmission ratios from i = 18 to i = 500
  • 280mm to 1200mm external diameter

Specific and other output torques, transmission ratios and dimensions are available on request.