Siebenhaar has recently delivered 2 electric driven inclined fall pipe winches for Jan de Nul’s latest multi-purpose vessels.

These winches have a 75 ton line-pull which is intended to position an inclined fall pipe for rock dumping purposes. These winches are provided with 4x100 kW electric motors driving 4 slewing gears which act on a slewing bearing. The winch is capable to perform active heave compensation without the need for hydraulics, compensation cylinders or additional equipment.  Because of this active heave compensation the rock’s are being dumped at the exact location regardless ship’s motions. The drives have this special feature that energy coming back from the system (when load is payed out) the returning energy is fed back to the ship’s power system saving fuel and energy consumption.

Siebenhaar Antriebstechnik GmbH has delivered the winches including the drive and controls as a complete package.