The Siebenhaar spring-loaded multi-disc brakes are available in over 20 different sizes and more than 5,000 different configurations.


  • high static and dynamic braking torques at a compact size
  • closed brake housing
  • maintenance- and wear-free in most applications
  • quick and easy installation in the unit
  • failure-safe (fail-save system)

Description of design

Siebenhaar safety brakes are primarily used as holding brakes mounted either on the drive side between the gearbox and the engine or on the output side between the frame and the drum. By default, a hydraulically ventilated spring-loaded multi-disc holding brake is used for that purpose. According to this principle, the deceleration is performed by a controlled drive, whose rotational speed is decelerated to zero. The safety brake first locks after this operation; therefore, in normal operation, it only keeps the system safe when stationary. Furthermore, the Siebenhaar safety brakes can also perform emergency braking, for example, in case when a power failure occurs or the EMERGENCY OFF-switch is pressed, and thereby bring the moving masses quickly to a halt.

In-house production of its brakes allows Siebenhaar accurate determination of the braking torque according to the application case.

Optionally, other versions such as disc brakes attached to the flanged wheel of the Siebenhaar winches and also possible to use as working brakes, are available on request.

Technical specifications

  • Braking torque dynamic / static from 38 Nm to 500,000 Nm
  • Versions featuring dry, wetted or wet / purged disc chamber available
  • Operating pressure: 10 - 250 bar, depending on the version